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If you are curious about smoothies for health reasons or simply as an enjoyable treat, you have come to the right spot! I am dedicated to sharing with you the very best smoothie recipes for both healthier and more holistic living in addition to providing you some of the right size smoothies that are tasty and just for the sake of enjoyment, I have something here for everyone.

I hope you all will enjoy creating these tasty and often healthy treats as much as I do! I have recipes covering every type of smoothie from yogurt and fruit smoothies to super healthy green smoothie recipes and everything in between! The first thing you might be curious about are the nutritional benefits of smoothies, particularly ones that are made with fruits and vegetables like green smoothies, so lets dig into that first! (If you just want to get to the “goods” IE: the smoothie recipes, just check out my smoothie categories and browse away, and most of all, have fun!)

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Smoothie Nutrition Facts:


Fruit and or fruit and vegetable based smoothies are some of the most nutritionally dense and cleansing foods you can consume that can completely change your health and the way you live. But even the healthiest recipes, this includes juicing, which I also recommend people do for there health, will not cure diseases or cancer outright, and people who tell you this are not being honest. They can however, go a long way along with regular physical activity towards helping your body fight disease, chronic pain, and illness, and certainly prevent future problems.

Most doctors will agree that food in many ways is medicine and has a powerful impact on our health. Organic raw foods, which are the bulk of the ingredients in these smoothies are an effective and extremely bio-available (you absorb more of the nutrients) way of getting this much needed nutrition in your body on a regular basis. The primary reason is because the blender breaks down and emulsifies the vegetables and fruits to such a fine consistency which allows your body to absorb the nutrition more efficiently.

Most people do not get the amount of greens, vegetables, and fruits in their diet that various governments and health practitioners around the world recommend that people get on a daily basis, and usually these standards are conservative.  The USDA recommends that people get at least 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, I am of the opinion people should have more, and modern research supports this, as some of the best doctors at leading institutions like the mayo clinic have attested to. This brings us to my next topic….

Green Smoothies

These amazing concoctions have really started to increase in popularity in recent years and for good reason, they are probably the healthiest kind of smoothies you can consume, and really, one of the healthiest foods you can consume in general. If there is only one healthy thing that you do in your day when it comes to your diet, making  and consuming one of these smoothies will definitely give you the biggest bang for your buck, bar none.

What Are Green Smoothies?

Green smoothies may not sound like the most tasty thing to the uninitiated, but for those of you who already know about these wonderful treats, you know that they are not only tasty but extremely healthy. Essentially, these are fruit smoothies that are blended with greens, particularly spinach, kale, chard, and many other types of greens that people rarely get in their diet. How many of you truly are going to eat kale, particularly raw kale on a regular basis?

For most people living in the real world, I would bet not many of you actually would. Certainly not without slathering on tons of unhealthy dressings and other additions onto those healthy greens and vegetables. Just 1 quart (4 cups) of green smoothie provides at least 10-15+ servings of raw fruits and vegetables! Not to mention you can add additional supplements and ingredients to improve your nutrition even further, this includes organic vegan friendly protean as well! It truly can be a “whole food”, and it tastes yummy too!

The Healthiest Drink You will ever Consume!

Blending fruits with the greens helps mask the sometimes bitter and unpleasant flavors of some of the greens and allows them to be far more palatable, even to people who are rather skittish when it comes to vegetables, and that includes myself. There are so many different types of recipes and combinations out there, that you can create a smoothie that is tasty for any type of palette or taste, that includes young children as well.

These green smoothies are some of the most effective ways to get greens and fruits not only into your own diet but also into your child’s diet, this is absolutely critical for there development not only physically, but mentally as well. We indeed are what we eat!

Always Remember:

Use organic produce whenever possible, new studies everyday are showing just how toxic and carcinogenic the pesticides and additives used in our foods are, with produce being some of the most severely affected. Please use properly filtered water for your smoothies as well! I CANNOT STRESS EITHER OF THESE TWO POINTS ENOUGH!

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