Banana Almond Milk Smoothie

Bananas are a staple of most smoothie recipes not only for there delicious taste and nutrition, but also for the type of consistency or “feel” they give to a smoothie. They typically make them thicker and creamier, which many people prefer, myself included on the right occasion.

Frozen berries or frozen chunks of larger fruits are used as complimentary ingredients for most recipes, but sometimes you need an extra ingredient or two to give that smoothie the extra healthy and tasty kick it needs.

This is Yummy! Thanks Sabrena!

The Bodacious Banana Almond Milk Smoothie

This banana almond milk smoothie recipe not only calls for yogurt and bananas for extra creaminess, but also the delicious flavor of almonds, both in the form of raw almond butter (delicious!) and vanilla almond milk (both preferably organic if possible). It also includes a taste of the more exotic flavor that has come into fashion in recent years, the “acai berry”, in this case, in the form of acai juice, yum!

Remember! Always buy organic produce and ingredients whenever possible, and filter your water for better tasting, cleaner, and healthier smoothies!

This recipe was submitted to me by one of my readers, Sabrena A. She says it is her favorite smoothie recipe and it is delicious!

Thanks Sabrena!

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