Banana Smoothie Recipe With Milk

This banana smoothie recipe with milk is fairly simple and straightforward and could be done a number of ways frankly, so I will try to include a couple of optional alternatives.

Mostly in the form of what type of milk or sweetner you could use to change the taste to your liking!

This is particularly important for those of you out there who either can’t or will not consume any dairy, thankfully there are some tasty alternatives (which I often use myself). Scroll down for the recipe!

Banana’s + Milk = Rejoiced Taste Buds

Banana's + Milk are Yummers!

This Banana and Milk Smoothie is Very Refreshing

The standard recipe calls for the use of chopped and frozen (preferably organic) banana slices. Now you can use fresh bananas and ice cubes instead, but that tends to change the consistency as I point out in my how to make a banana smoothie post. So I tend to prefer frozen fruit because it doesn’t water down the taste as much and allows for a creamier and more consistent texture and taste.

If you feel your blender can’t handle frozen slices of banana, just keep in mind that ice is far more taxing on a blender then reasonably sized/small pieces of frozen fruit, including banana slices. I use a high powered blendtec blender which can turn an Iphone into dust, and I highly reccomend this wondrous machine to you too! (look up “will it blend iPhone” on YouTube to see what I mean!

What Milk Should Be Used?

Whatever you want! No, really, it’s true.  My standard recipe uses organic vanilla flavored milk, but if you only have access to normal unflavored organic milk you can just add some organic vanilla extract to the recipe. I reccomend adding the vanilla even with other types and brands of milk should they not come in vanilla flavor (adjust vanilla extract amount to taste, so start with the minimum and add more if desired).

Some of my personal favorite types are organic coconut milk and organic soy milk personally (I have a love affair with coconut!) Just make sure that whatever milk  you use, please only use organic if at all possible. I personally try to find the least processed dairy milk (or any other for that matter) as possible, which tends to be organic, unhomogenized, and grass fed. Specifically, grass fed dairy tends to be high in a healthy fat known as ” CLA ” (conjugated linoleic acid) and also tends to be a bit richer and tangier, which makes for a much more healthy and even tastier smoothie.

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