Blueberry Smoothie With Vanilla Yogurt

Blueberries are yummy. Blueberry smoothies are yummy. blueberry smoothies are even yummier!.  But one of the problems I had when I first started making my blueberry smoothie recipes for myself was figuring out how to make them consistent and creamier.

Now one of the best ways I found to do this was to use a combination of bananas and greek yogurt, and I ended up with a very tasty blueberry smoothie with vanilla yogurt! Now there are a couple ways to make this simple but delicious drink, so let’s get to it! (scroll down for the recipe!)

What Kind Of Blueberries Should Be Used? (yes there is more then one kind!)

Blueberry Smoothie with Vanilla Yogurt!

Well now this is a matter of personal taste and whether or not you have access to fresh or frozen fruit, if not both. I tend to like to use a combo of both if and whenever possible, but with an emphasis on frozen blueberries.

Why? Because I personally love to use wild blueberries, which for most regular folks, you can only find frozen in your grocery store. These are smaller, but pack a lot more antioxidants then there cultivated cousins, which are the plumper larger types.

Wild blueberries also have a sweeter and more intense flavor that is much tangier then cultivated varieties, which I think makes for a better smoothie. I also learned that beyond there higher anti oxidant capacity and high levels of anthocyanins, that you also get more actual blueberries per pound because of the fact that they are much smaller due to less water being inside the berry, neat huh?

Non Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt is Your Friend!

Greek yogurt, particularly of the non fat variety has been my new obsession for a while now, partly because I love yogurt, but also because I can get a very thick, lusciously creamy yogurt that has none of the fat, and none of the guilt. It also has twice the protein of typical yogurts we all know and love, so it helps you to feel more satisfied, which is crucial for those of you looking to drop some pounds or maintain your weight. But if dairy isn’t your thing, you can always use coconut, soy, or other yogurt alternatives, all of which have a vanilla flavor option. For those of you open to making one without yogurt, check out my blueberry smoothie without yogurt recipe! Ok, Onto the Recipe!

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