Blueberry Smoothie Without Yogurt

Now one of my personal favorite fruits is the humble blueberry, and I have a particular attachment to them from many mornings of my mother making me fresh blueberry muffins which I adored (who doesn’t right?). So because of that, I love them in most of my baked goods and treats, on there own as fruit, and certainly smoothie recipes are no exception!

So I thought I would come up with a simple blueberry recipe without yogurt so that the flavor of one tastiest berries around can shine through.  (scroll down for the recipe on how to make a blueberry smoothie without yogurt!)

Wild Blueberries Are The Way To Go Folks!

I love blueberries, and you should too!

Now I tend to lean towards wild blueberries which are much smaller then there cultivated cousins, I do this because they are just as flavorful, and pack a stronger nutritional punch despite there size. Plus, I can also cram more blueberry goodness into my smoothie because they are much smaller in size compared to cultivated blueberries, and I certainly want as many of these little guys in my drink as possible!

Now wild blueberries can only be harvested where they grow naturally and cannot be cultivated, so you will often only find them frozen, but that’s ok, it will just make the smoothie have a thicker and creamier consistency because your using frozen berries instead of fresh. Plus you can usually find these blueberries organic in many supermarkets.  Blueberries also happen to be loaded with healthy dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals,  and antioxidants! (some of the highest levels known in fruit!)

You can also use frozen or fresh organic cultivated blueberries too, and there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, I often like to use a combination of both, particularly when cultivated blueberries are in season, and fresh berries make the smoothie sweeter. You can simply freeze the rest, just make sure you wash them thoroughly, and pick off all the stems and throw out any discolored berries so you don’t make your smoothie taste sour or off in any way.  I also have a mango smoothie recipe without yogurt too, for those of you who want more non yogurt recipes!

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