Easy Strawberry Smoothie Recipes for Kids

With warmer weather, I always would go picking strawberries with my mom as a child, and it was such a blast because I could come home and make fresh strawberry drinks which always tasted way better then anything we brought home from the store. (scroll down for the recipes!)

I wanted to recreate those wonderful tastes with a couple easy strawberry smoothie recipes for kids. These are going to be fairly straightforward and something the whole family can do together, as that is part of what made these drinks so memorable for me.

Strawberry Smoothie for Kids

These are those Kodak moments, to be utterly cliched, that we only get so many of in our lives. Now you can make these recipes with either fresh or frozen strawberries, but if you only have access to frozen, don’t worry, because just a little bit of sweetening will bring out the flavor just as much as if you were to use fresh strawberries.

Just remember, if you are using fresh strawberries, or just pure fresh produce in general, you may need some ice to thicken up the smoothie or to make it a bit colder, which kids and adults alike tend to prefer, including myself. You can adjust the volume of these smoothies pretty easily to suit the amount of kids you’re going to be serving. Remember that fresh fruit smoothies use ice, and frozen fruit smoothies can get by without them, easy! Check out my other smoothie recipes for kids too!

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