Fruit Smoothie Recipes for Kids

When it comes to meeting both the tastes and certainly the health needs of our children, it can be more than a daunting task. That’s particularly the case for busy families or single parents simply who do not have the time to give their children the necessary nutrition that they need on a regular basis that is both affordable and easy to make. On the opposite side of the token, you also have times where you certainly do have the means and the opportunity to give your children a tasty treat, but you’d rather not give them a couple pop tarts and call it an afternoon. My solution to this problem is to have them try some fruit smoothie recipes for kids!

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Can Fruit Smoothies Be Both Tasty AND Good For You?


They Love These Things!

Why of course! :P. You can take two different approaches to making these easy fruit smoothie recipes for kids, and those two approaches are to make healthy but low sugar fruit smoothies, or you can opt for the “green” smoothie approach which can get even denser levels of nutrition in your child’s diet. In my judgement, the green smoothie option is almost always the way to go if possible as you can totally mask the taste of the smoothies, and even mask the green color of it as well with colorful fruits and juices.

One of the simple fruit smoothie recipes for kids my mom used to make me was a essentially a “virgin” strawberry daiquiri which can be made a variety of ways. What we did was after we went strawberry picking together (ah nostalgia….), we would then throw in a good 2 handfuls or so (depending on serving size, and the size of the strawberries) of strawberries into the blender, and then my mom would let me pour in some orange juice for sweetening and then topped it off with plenty of ice cubes, man it was the tastiest thing I had during those summer days!

My advice to get your kids into eating healthier is to use a simple smoothie recipe like my mom used and then let them pick there own “individual” additional fruit to put in addition to the core fruit (like strawberries for example). You can also make it a “surprise” fruit for them each time you make these  should you choose.

The Benefits and “How to” of Getting Greens and Veggies into Your Child’s Diet Through Fruit Based “Green Smoothies”

Yep, It's True....Kids Love Green Smoothies!

I will try to keep this short and simple, but the fact is, not only do children not get enough greens in their diet, but adults don’t usually get sufficient amounts either, so really these smoothies could be beneficial for you as well if you are not already consuming them, particularly on a regular basis. Greens like kale, spinach, and chard, are high in fiber calcium, potassium, as well as many vitamins and minerals. Spinach in particular is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet, and happens to be very neutral tasting (practically unnoticeable) when blended with fresh fruit or frozen fruit with a little sweetener.

When you combine these greens with the high fiber and nutritional content already present within the fruit, and possibly the juice and yogurt you might use in your smoothies, this will be a very nutritionally dense but tasty treat that you can not only give your children but also to yourself as well. If your kids are likely to be pretty squeamish at the green color or the thought that they may be “drinking” big green leaves, it is probably best not to tell them and to blend the greens ahead of time and then throw in the fruit, like blueberries for example to offset the green color and make them think they are drinking a completely fruit based beverage. Onto the recipes!

Here Are a Few Recipes to Get You Started: (feel free to experiment and mix and match!)

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