Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Recipe

I love butters; peanut, walnut, almond, fruit butters, and of course actual butter, (actual dairy butter won’t be used in this recipe, no worries!). I also happen to really dig bananas, especially when they are frozen into chunks because they make smoothie recipes so much creamier and more luxurious.

Now many of us in our youth (and still do to this day :P ) have had the proverbial peanut butter and banana sandwich, sometimes you would even throw some nutella or other type of chocolate spread on it for an extra treat. (scroll down for the recipe!)

Here is a Smoothie For All You Peanut Butter Lovers!

A Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie!

This thing really is delicious, I hope you guys enjoy it, let me know!

That’s what inspired this lovely concoction, the healthy peanut butter banana smoothie recipe, with a couple twists of course! Now you guys know that bananas are oh so healthy for you with all the fiber and potassium they contain, but what about the peanut butter? Well, all butters are high in fat, but they contain a healthy kind of fat. So when consumed in moderation, it can actually be very beneficial to your health (plus it tastes great, so there’s my rational).

Now some people like to use a little bit of chocolate in these types of smoothies too, and that’s quite alright,  I do love a nice chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie. Ill Provide some alternatives that I think would also taste really great as well, like using almond butter in place of peanut butter, and using dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate for example.

Time to add Some Oats and Grains!

Another spin on this smoothie is the addition of oats and grains. (Don’t worry the oats and grains get ground up in advance before you blend the smoothie!) You get all the wonderful health benefits of high fiber, protean, and vitamins and minerals from the oats and grains, and it makes this a very hearty and satisfying in between snack or small meal replacement (great for breakfast if I do say so myself.) I also sometimes like to add in a little organic vanilla Greek yogurt to this smoothie for extra protean, and more importantly, probiotics to help with digestion. So you can make this a peanut butter banana smoothie with yogurt too if you wish, always experiment!

A Few Last Details….

As always I reccomend you use all organic produce and ingredients whenever possible. Also, make sure the bananas are frozen and in small chunks so that your blender can handle it. (that’s why I reccomend using a vitamix or blendtec blender). And be sure to thoroughly ground up the oats and grains in your blender until powdery before putting in the rest of your ingredients for further blending.

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  1. Ashley says:

    This recipe is fabulous! I love all things peanut butter, so even if I dont have all the ingredients, I’ll just throw whatever I do have into a blender and it always comes out great. One of my favs is the Peanut Butter Banana-Berry smoothie. I’ll send you the recipe :)

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