Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

When it comes to eating healthy, you know that ingredients not only have to be accessible but also beneficial when it comes to your overall health and budget. This is even more the case if you are like most folks and trying to lose a little weight in the process, and in some people’s cases, quite a bit of weight.

The good news, is that there are a number of different tasty smoothies that you can drink on a daily basis that will not only boost your metabolism but will also help with the sugar and carbohydrate cravings that many of us struggle with. (scroll to the bottom for the healthy recipes!)

One of the key components to any smoothie regimen is to make it a practical and practicable part of your life, not just a diet, because a diet naturally implies that it’s going to be temporary, and for this to work it needs to be incorporated into your overall eating habits.

The first and by far the most common types of drinks that people go with are fruit smoothie drinks that are good for weight loss, and a strawberry one is a great starter recipe to try if you are new to this. People typically go with fruit because everyone loves the taste of fruit and you can mix and match different types to suit your particular tastes  and mix it up from day-to-day, not to mention they come packed with fiber and healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Berries Are Some of the Lowest Calorie Fruits in Existance.

If you are worried about the sugar or calorie content of these particular types of smoothies, you can reduce either the sugar or the calories by going with green smoothie recipes for weight loss instead. Essentially, the difference between a green smoothie and a fruit smoothie is the fact that fruit smoothies generally are purely fruit and thus slightly higher in sugar and calorie content (not always, but most of the time), and a green smoothie will be a mix of both fruits fresh or frozen and healthy greens like spinach, kale, or chard to name a few.

This can all vary though depending on what types of supplements and fruits you are using in your smoothie in addition to other ingredients such as yogurt and whether it is nonfat or not. These smoothies tend to be higher in fiber and lower in calories, which brings me to….

The key aspect to shedding those pounds with low calorie recipes and regular exercise is to incorporate high protein and fiber ingredients into your smoothie which will help you feel full and give you energy. Also you’ll want to include supplements and produce that will help boost your metabolism rather than slow it down too.

I have used effective variations of these recipes with yogurt and I have also a more protein based recipe that is great for weight loss as it keeps you full. But I tend to like to incorporate all of these ideas into each and every weight loss smoothie if possible. I also recommend you change up the recipes you use here and there so you can get the widest range of nutrients.  

Here are a few well rounded, low calorie, high protein, and fiber rich smoothies to get you started!

Check out the rest of the site for more individual smoothie recipes! And feel free to contact me with a recipe of your own and I’ll be sure to mention the link/site/or recipe creator.

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  1. Mikayla says:

    I love these they are so awesome i have been trying to lose weight for a while, and my mom says that i don’t need these,but i need to lose it before basketball season… you know so i can look gooooooodddd.!!!!!!!

    • Ed says:

      Thanks for stopping by :). If you can’t convince someone like your mom you “need” these smoothies, just go with “wanting” them because they are so gosh darn delicious.

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