How to Make a Strawberry Banana Smoothie

The quintessential Fruit Smoothie:

Ah, the quintessential¬†smoothie…a healthy strawberry banana smoothie!

I am not sure who came up with the idea to mix bananas and strawberries together whether it be in the form of ice cream, yogurt’s, or in this case strawberry banana smoothies, but that person is an absolute genius.

While both of these fruits by themselves can make excellent smoothies or “core” fruits within other types of smoothie recipes, when they are exclusively combined themselves, when it’s just the two fruits and no other types, it can be any refreshing and satisfying treat. Why settle for just a strawberry smoothie right? (scroll down to the bottom for the basic instructions!)

Look at this Deliciously Photogenic Creation of Mine! The One and Only Strawberry Banana Smoothie!

For those of you wondering how to make these delicious fruit drinks, you need to know there is not one single best strawberry banana recipe to rule them all, because it’s all a matter of your personal taste, most people would agree that they are one of the best bangs for your buck in terms of taste and health though.

Most people like using these fruits in there blends due to the fact that they tend to be extremely sweet while the two different flavors of the fruit balance each other out. These yummy fruits also have specific health benefits too, and I will briefly lay them out and then we’ll get on to the most important part which is how to make one of these awesome beverages!

This stuff is good for me too?!

Ya, I wouldn’t be doing you the service I felt I needed to if I didn’t lay out some of the core health benefits of these two delicious fruits, but I’ll promise to keep it short so we can get onto those delicious smoothie recipes! (and for those who just want the “goods“, just scroll down). So first and foremost both fruits are extremely high in fiber which is vital for reducing cholesterol and helping to regulate your digestive system much more efficiently.

Strawberries are extremely high in vitamin C and manganese, with vitamin C being an important antioxidant and manganese being a vital co-factor when it comes to enzyme activity with super oxide dismutase otherwise known as “SOD” which is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature, and is naturally produced by the body less so over time and needs to be supplemented through diet.

Bananas are known for also being high in vitamin C but they are particularly high in two other important nutrients which is vitamin B6 and potassium. Just one whole banana can provide up to 15% or more of your daily potassium needs, and when combined with just a single cup of strawberries, you have about 25-35% of your daily dietary fiber needs met just by that alone. Needless to say, if you add in a bit more banana and strawberry you’ll get even more desirable nutrients.

As ALWAYS, please make sure whatever you are buying frozen or fresh produce, try to buy organic, as increasing evidence is mounting to there harm to our health.¬† If you have to make a choice between which fruit to get organic, make it strawberries, as these do not have a thick skin or layer that you can peel away like a banana and you will be eating them whole. Always make sure you wash your fresh fruit with veggie washes too, whether the produce is organic or not. With that out of the way….onto the smoothies!

How to make your strawberry banana smoothie drink:

There are two basic ways to prepare these types of smoothies, but in reality there are a multitude of ways that I simply couldn’t possibly list in total to the numerous different types of variations, ingredients, supplements, and other types of twists people can take on this fairly simple treat. However, there are some basic things to keep in mind when you’re making strawberry banana smoothie, with one of the most important (but not required) ingredients being yogurt. For those of you allergic to dairy, I recommend using soy or coconut milk yogurt, the latter of which can add an additional tropical flavor to your smoothie. I also reccomend you consult my post on the best blender for smoothies too, so you can learn about the only machine I ever use or reccomend for making smoothies!

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