How To Make A Strawberry Smoothie Without Yogurt

Sometimes you just don’t want yogurt in your smoothie, but thankfully it’s not required to make one either if don’t want to. There are certainly those of you who also can’t consume dairy at all, or would rather not, and so I wanted to make a simple but delicious strawberry smoothie recipe without yogurt that just about anyone could put together and enjoy.

Many of my smoothie recipes call for yogurt, but I also make plenty that don’t have any either, especially when I want to go on a completely fruit, or fruit and vegetable kick.

So What Can Be Used For Thickening The Smoothie?

Drink up!

A Yummy Strawberry Smoothie Without Yogurt!

Bananas! We all know and love them, and I think they go great in just about any smoothie recipe.  These are a totally vegetarian/vegan friendly way to  thicken up your smoothies without resorting to dairy. They also happen to be packed with potassium and fiber, and also happen to be naturally very sweet, so they make for a solid addition to any smoothie.

In this recipe I am going to emphasis the strawberry flavor so I will be using less bananas and more strawberries, as this isn’t a “strawberry banana smoothie” per se, where you would have a more equal blend of the two.

You Can Also Use Non Dairy Yogurt As A Dairy Alternative Too!

So this for all of you who simply have an objection to the fact that yogurt is dairy. I use a couple other alternatives in my recipes when the mood strike me or it seems really appropriate for the particular smoothie recipe. One of my favorite go to alternatives is coconut yogurt!

This stuff is amazing, and I find it really adds a nice tropical flavor to any smoothie while also making it creamier and thicker. One of my favorites is the “So Delicious” brand of dairy free coconut yogurts from turtle mountain. They not only make plain coconut flavor, but also blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry to name a few. And using the strawberry flavored coconut yogurt in this recipe, I find really gives it a nice flavor and consistency. I also have a section on how to make a raspberry smoothie, for all you raspberry lovers!

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