Low Calorie Smoothie Recipes

I’m not much of a calorie counter, as I don’t think you have to be as obsessive about it if you are sticking to relatively healthy diet that is primarily filled with organic whole and raw foods, most of which make up the various ingredients of my smoothie recipes. But I also recognize that broadly speaking, keeping your caloric intake in check is important for not only weight loss and health, but also maintaining your lower weight and good health as well. So in coming up with these delicious drinks, I decided to stick with mostly fruits that are well known for either being low in calories or high in water content, and therefor, lower in calories and sugar. (The smoothie recipes are at the bottom! Enjoy!)

Sugar! Sugar!

My Melontastic Smoothie!

The one and only melontastic smoothie, can you dig it?!

And that brings me to my second point really, and that’s sugar. Sugar is inflammatory, which in and of itself is a leading indicator and cause of various types of diseases and all manner of ill health. Sugar also is frequently metabolized into fat by the body, so while something may be low or 0% in fat or “calories”, it could very well be high in sugar, or other artificial (and dangerous) sweeteners.

Just be reducing our intake of refined sugars and sweeteners, we not only increase our odds for increased and sustainable healthy weight loss, but we prevent other physical health problems as well.

And while we should limit ALL forms of sugar, including naturally occurring sugar, the sugar that does indeed occur naturally within fruit and vegetables is FAR healthier and metabolized differently then artificial (especially artificial) OR naturally ADDED sweeteners.

The primary reason for this, is because of the fiber, and other nutrients present within the fruit. Plus naturally occurring sugars in fruit are a healthy balance of fructose and sucrose, instead of 100% one or the other which is much worse for you and always found in “sweeteners”. That includes agave syrup everybody, which is not really all that different from honey.

Organic Stevia is the king of healthy natural sweeteners! (But what about agave syrup and honey?)

Both honey and agave syrup are fine natural sweeteners if organic and used in moderation, but the truly best sweetener that is 0 calorie and 100% safe and natural is organic green Stevia powder (it’s just ground leaves). I use this stuff almost exclusively now, and just a tiny bit (usually a tablespoon full) is incredibly sweet, and blends in seamlessly with smoothies. So all of these low calorie smoothies below use this wonderful sweetener for the extra sweetness kick we all love, without the extra sugar of other sweeteners or even fruit juice (which is very high in undiluted sugar).

As I always recommend, please buy all organic produce if at all possible! Onto The smoothies!


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