Peach Smoothie with Frozen Peaches

One of my favorite seasonal fruits to have, especially in the warmer months is a peach! Naturally, I love to make peach smoothie recipes around this time too of course. These can be difficult to work with sometimes because they often do not stay ripe for very long before they go bad, and they also are not available all year round.

However, there are some select grocery stores and local natural food stores that do carry there own store brand of this delicious fruit in small frozen pieces, so just check around your local supermarkets before going to the other alternative, freezing your own! You can simply buy them fresh when they are in season and most affordable as well, and cut them into small slices for easier blending and freeze them for year round use, it works wonders!

Organic Peaches All The Way Folks!

Peach Smoothie with Frozen Peaches!

Now I like to buy them fresh either from my local farmers market or at a store like whole foods and trader joes, which will often have them organic as well. This is a fruit that you will want to only buy organic if possible as it is one of the most susceptible fruits to toxins and pesticides and the nasty stuff really clings to peaches apparently!

This nasty stuff even seeps into the fruit, so washing your peaches apparently isn’t enough, crazy right? Well, according to the The Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit group in Washington, D.C., they recommend going organic on produce that is most susceptible to pesticide residue, like peaches, and I of course recommend all organic smoothies and diet in general, it’s a worthy goal to shoot for, your body will thank you, mine sure has! Let’s get to that smoothie!


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