Raspberry Smoothie Recipe with Milk

I tend to love eating raspberries, using them in my cooking, having them be the flavor of my favorite treats, and I certainly love using them in my smoothie recipes. They also happen to be fairly healthy as well, like most berries, because ounce for ounce, they are more nutrient dense compared to larger fruits. I love the fact that they come jam packed with fiber, more so then any other type of berry or fruit for that matter, which helps curb the sugar intake you often get from smoothies or other sweet things these berries are used with.

Raspberry Smoothie with Milk!

I do however think they can be enhanced with certain ingredients, and in this case, with milk. This raspberry smoothie recipe with milk can be used with dairy or non dairy milk, but I tend to advocate using non dairy based milk for health reasons. However, I fully support consuming organic 100% grass fed milk, even if its low fat instead of skim, however skim milk will keep the fat and calorie count lower. 100% grass fed dairy has a similar omega 3 fatty acid to omega 6 ratios like fatty fish such as salmon do, just at a much lower volume.

Plant and animal based milk can both work well here. Some plant alternatives I suggest are coconut milk, rice milk, or almond milk, just make sure they are organic if at all possible. I do not advise consuming soy milk, even if organic, as it can have adverse affects on your hormone levels, be you male or female. Stick with the other stuff! With that said, I am going to be using coconut milk for my recipe, but the others can work very well too, it’s a matter of personal taste really. This recipe is simple, short, and sweet, but oh so delicious! On to the recipe!

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  1. Maria says:

    Yes, it’s an amazing raspberry smoothie with organic coconut milk wow :)

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