Smoothie Recipes with Frozen Fruit


Many people when they think about smoothies, immediately think about fresh fruit and all the sweet varieties of flavors that you can combine to make the perfect concoction. However, often fresh fruit is only available seasonally, and for many people, only certain types of fruits are available in certain parts of the world and the respective country they live in.

Because of this, only using fresh fruit can sometimes limit the different types of ingredients you can use for your smoothie not only for the taste, but also for health benefits as well.  Needles to say I have had to come up with some tasty and healthy smoothie drinks with frozen fruit, as this is what is readily available for many people. (scroll down for the recipes!)

The good news is, that the USDA and similar governmental bodies in other countries have determined that frozen fruit has all the same nutritional value as fresh fruit, therefor, so do frozen fruit smoothie recipes. The only real compromise comes in the form of how the fruit tastes, and in many cases this can be completely remedied by using a light amount of certain types of sweeteners (like organic Stevia or agave syrup) which can really bring out the flavor of the frozen fruit.

The other benefit to going with frozen fruit as opposed to fresh fruit for your smoothies is the fact that it’s obviously more convenient, and the fruit will “keep” for a year or more in your freezer. Most packaged frozen fruit has also been prewashed as well, so that will cut down on the actual time it takes you to make your smoothie, which for many people can make the difference between actually making them on a regular basis and not.

Frozen berries! Time for Smoothies!

Frozen Fruit is EQUALLY as Healthy as Fresh, and more Conveniant too!

I personally tend to use frozen fruit more then I do fresh for all the reasons stated above, I will also sometimes use smoothie recipes with frozen fruit and yogurt too for added protean and tangy flavor. Plus I am able to get certain types of fruits, particularly tropical fruits, and fruits that are not grown in my area or country with relative ease either by finding them at the supermarket or having them shipped directly to my home.

The other added benefit is the fact that the frozen fruit acts as the “ice” which makes your smoothie thick and creamy, and most importantly, cold and refreshing as well. You can also use frozen produce with fruit smoothies with yogurt as well, it works either way.

As always, I recommend using only organic produce, whether fresh or frozen, it tastes better, and is better for you. And be sure to check out my post on the best blender for smoothies too!

Here are a few of my Favorite Easy Smoothie Recipes with Frozen Fruit:

Check out the rest of the site for more individual recipes! And feel free to contact me with a recipe of your own and I’ll be sure to mention the link/site/or recipe creator.

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