Vietnamese Avocado Smoothie Recipe

Like Avocados? They Can Make for a Tasty Smoothie Too, It’s True! Try a Sinh To Bo!

Now I am certainly not Vietnamese, and truth be told, I’m not terribly adventurous with my food. But for all of you avocado lovers out there, this is a really tasty Vietnamese avocado smoothie recipe known as the “Sinh To Bo“. Sinh To’s are  very common Vietnamese “fruit shakes” and can be made from any number of fruits, with the more common Vietnamese flavors being  strawberry, durian, soursop (a prickly green fruit), or pineapple.

But avocado is one of the most popular varieties, and that’s what I’ll be sharing with you here. I’ve also enjoyed the other “spins” that people have put on this popular south asian smoothie drink, with the coconut version being my own personal favorite that I came up with, to give it that extra tropical kick. (scroll to the bottom for the recipe!)

This Avocado Smoothie is Deliciously Luxurious AND HealthyToo!

Sinh To Bo!

The One and Only Vietnamese Sinh To Bo!

Now as you guys know, I am a big advocate of smoothies for holistic health in addition to being an easy and tasty treat. So I will provide you the more traditional recipe, and then give you some alternatives both in terms of flavor and healthy alternatives to sweeteners.

The avocado is known as the “butter fruit” in Vietnam and is a commonly used dessert ingredient throughout most of Southeast Asian cuisine. I personally think this, or one of its variations, is one of the “definitive go to” avocado smoothie’s out there. And as always, I reccomend trying the original recipe out first, and then experiment from there if you want to experience new flavors or simply feel you might prefer the taste and texture of one of the other Sinh To Bo varieties.

If you guys are worried about the fat, please do take it into consideration before making the smoothie as avocados are high in naturally occurring monounsaturated healthy fats (about 30 grams for a medium sized avocado), but they are fats none the less. (go ahead! you need those healthy fats!)

Researchers have found that there are significant health benefits to daily avocado consumption, which has been shown to effectively lower blood cholesterol levels in people according to the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social in Mexico (Archives of Medical Research,Winter 1996). A 17% drop in total blood cholesterol levels (wow!) was recorded from the 45 volunteers who participated in this study who ate avocados daily for just one week! There cholesterol ratios improved as well, with the “good” HDL fat levels having risen and the “bad” HDL fat levels and triglyceride levels having lowered. Avocodos are also rich in a nutrient called “beta-sitosterol”, which has also been shown to significantly lower cholesterol levels as well. So eat up! 

OK OK, enough stodgy health info…Onto The Recipe!

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