Watermelon Smoothie Recipe With Yogurt

One of my favorite fruits to eat is watermelon. I also happen to really love Greek yogurt and lemon flavors, so I figured why not make a tasty watermelon smoothie recipe with yogurt? This particular recipe call for Chobani’s lemon Greek yogurt (which is yummy by itself).

You can also use other brands of lemon flavored yogurt, But I reccomend using the Greek, as it tends to be much thicker, tangier, and more consistent. Fat free Greek yogurt also happens to be the healthiest for you as well with double the protein of normal yogurts and no fat to contend with.

Watermelon Happens To Be Pretty Darn Healthy Too!


A Delicious Watermelon Smoothie with Yogurt!

Now I generally just think of watermelon as a sweet, refreshing treat, and not necessarily the “healthiest” fruit you could have, but I’ve come to find that actually isn’t the case. Watermelon is actually 90% water and is very juicy as a result (hence then name).

Just 1 cup provides 20% of your Vitamin C needs for the day, 15% of your Vitamin A, and about 5% of your potassium needs. This recipes call for about 4 cups, so that’s nearly all of your vitamin C for the day in one smoothie, and nearly a quarter of your vital potassium intake for the day! Watermelon also happen to be high in Lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes as well (particularly cooked tomatoes).

This delicious fruit also contains the amino acids citrulline and arginine, which are known to help maintain proper blood flow and arteries, as well as overall cardiovascular function. Each serving (1 cup) only has about 50 calories or less and also has 1 gram of fiber and protean each! That means with 4 servings you’re getting 4 grams of fiber and protean. Throw in some tasty Greek yogurt for added calcium, protean, and probiotics (yogurt cultures which help with digestion) and you have yourself a very satisfying and nutritious smoothie! (that even the kids and the rest of the family would love).

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